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Book Excerpt: ''VB.NET Class Design Handbook: Coding Effective Classes''

The basic unit of code in .NET is the class. The most important skills Visual Basic .NET programmers need to develop are those required to develop effective, usable classes. This book aims to act as a practical guide to the issues and choices that face a VB.NET programmer each time they sit down to code a class.




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his book, Visual Basic .NET Class Design Handbook: Coding Effective Classes , teaches you all about; the role of types in .NET; the different kinds of types that can be created in VB.NET; the fundamental role of methods as containers of program logic; and much more.

This isn't a dry, theoretical text, and it isn't about UML object modelling. It seeks to provide practical solutions to everyday issues, and is illustrated with plenty of code examples and counter-examples. The objective is to help you, a VB.NET developer, build a set of instincts that will help you produce better, cleaner, more reusable, more robust classes first time, and avoid having to revisit, refactor or redesign classes later on.

Chapter 6: "Events and Delegates" investigates the importance of event-based programming as the cornerstone of the .NET framework and delves into the delegate mechanism in some detail, along with the .NET Framework event model.

Download the PDF of Chapter 6: "Events and Delegates"

Download the exclusive section on asynchronous delegates that was cut when the book was edited for length.

Reproduced from Visual Basic .NET Class Design Handbook: Coding Effective Classes by permission of Wrox Press. ISBN 1-861007-08-6. All rights reserved.

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