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.NET Zone Archives

Format the Console.Write Responses - 04/20/2018
Determine if the Current Request Is from a Crawler in ASP.NET - 03/27/2018
Check Whether a String Contains Another String - 03/02/2018
How to Escape Curly Braces in C# - 02/02/2018
Quick Way to Count the Number of Angular Watches - 01/30/2018
How to Find the Size of the HTTP Resource Being Fetched - 01/23/2018
How to Turn on TLS Versions Without Affecting Earlier Versions - 01/16/2018
Decompile Code from a .NET Executable - 01/10/2018
Merge Two Data Tables in C# - 12/15/2017
Write Debug Information Only When a Condition is Satisfied - 12/01/2017
Label Breakpoints in Visual Studio for Easy Access and Readability - 11/27/2017
Avoid Repeated Execution of LINQ Queries in C# - 11/21/2017
Controlling Exceptions in C# 6.0 - 11/14/2017
Case Insensitive Comparison of Two Strings - 11/07/2017
Easily Locate Unused Namespaces in Visual Studio 2015 - 11/06/2017
Use the Let Keyword to Create Variables in a LINQ Query - 10/30/2017
Easily Create a String of Repeated Characters - 10/03/2017
Change the Default TLS Version in .NET - 09/22/2017
Sort a List in C# by Date - 09/18/2017
Exposing Internal Methods to Other Assemblies in .NET - 09/08/2017
Concatenate Elements in a String Array in .NET - 09/06/2017
Get Stored Procedure Content and Details - 08/31/2017
Get the Size of a File in FTP with C# - 08/29/2017
FloodFill Objects Using C# - 08/24/2017
Change the Default Assembly Output Path in .NET Projects - 08/23/2017
Using Aliases for Namespaces in C# - 08/21/2017
Block and Unblock Internet Access on a User's Computer Using C# - 08/17/2017
Quick Way to Create Class Diagrams for a Project - 08/15/2017
Get DNS Name from an HttpRequest in C# - 08/04/2017
Ensuring Application_Start Event Fires with the Next Request After a Failure - 07/31/2017
Count the Number of Active ASP.NET Sessions in State Server Session Mode - 07/28/2017
Use the Math.BigMul Method to Find Multiple Large Integers - 07/24/2017
Serialize an Object to a JSON String - 07/21/2017
Performing Basic Validation with the Error Provider Control in C# - 07/20/2017
Quick and Efficient Way to Get to the Parent Control - 07/17/2017
Use the Math.Absoute Function to Return the Absolute Value for Numbers - 07/14/2017
Using SendKeys in C# - 07/13/2017
Quick Way to Disable Copy-Paste in a Textbox in a WinForms Application - 07/10/2017
Getting the Everyone Local Group Account Name in C# - 07/06/2017
Set Multiple Projects as Startup Projects in Visual Studio - 07/04/2017
Quick Way to Navigate in the HTML Editor in Visual Studio IDE - 07/02/2017
Add/Remove the ScrollToLastCaret Functionality in TextBox Controls - 06/30/2017
Avoid Scrolling for Information - 06/26/2017
Handle WPF Application Exceptions all in one Place - 06/23/2017
Display of Bit Field on UI - 06/20/2017
Capture Errors from a BackGroundWorker Component in the RunWorkerCompleted Event - 06/16/2017
Using LINQ Concat to Loop Over Two Arrays with Same Type of Elements - 06/12/2017
Add a selectedIndex Changed Event Handler to a ComboBox - 06/09/2017
Using the Enter Key to Navigate to the Next Control in C# - 06/08/2017
Retrieving Data from a Deleted row in a Dataset - 06/06/2017
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