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eBook library for Technology Professionals

HTML5: An Introduction

HTML5 is the new standard that is expected to take over the Web. New versions of browsers are already starting to support the advanced features. Learn why HTML5 is important and discover how to start developing with it today.

Sounding Smart: Cloud Computing

Cloud computing continues to grow. As a developer, it is only a matter of time before you are likely to be talking about the cloud. Knowing the terminology will help position you to participate you when this happens. This white paper will help you sound smart when that time comes.

Android Mobile Application Development from A to Z

Discover how to start developing for the Android platform with this extensive guide, which provides a reference to the Android platform as well as a look at developing your first Android application. You'll explore the top 10 features for developers as well as learn design and development tips that go beyond the phone and target tablet development as well.

Windows Phone 7 Quick Start Developer Guide

If you have already developed for other mobile platforms, you shouldn't ignore Windows Phone 7. If you haven't developed for mobile devices at all yet, why not start with the Windows Phone? Either way, this eBook is for you.

Quick Ref: C# Cheat Sheet

The C# Cheat Sheet is your quick reference to details on the C# programming language and more. In this concise document, you have references for C# operators, types, formats, objects, keywords, pre-processing directives, casting, LINQ, character conversions, and more. There is even a table for regular expressions.

Quick Ref: JDK 7 Reference Card

Get an at-a-glance look at all the information you need to prepare for and use the Java SE 7 Platform Specification (aka Java 7 or JDK 7). The JDK 7 Reference Card is a comprehensive reference tool for all the newly included, enhanced and changed JSRs that make up the Java 7 spec -- everything from NIO.2 to Project Coin -- as well as tidbits like the fate of closures.

Quick Ref: Top 10 PHP Regex Cheat Sheet

PHP regular expressions can be almost as indecipherable as the United States tax code. Rather than reaching for a manual every time you need to perform a particularly complex parsing task, just consult this handy Top 10 PHP Regex Cheat Sheet. It provides all the information you need to implement some basic regular expression functionality into your PHP pages, including regexes for validating usernames, credit card numbers, email addresses, phone numbers and more.
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