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Learn the Eight Principles of Web Services Management : Page 6

So now that you know how important foresight and planned management are to the success of your organization's Web services transition, the next step is knowing what you need to squeeze out of your management platform. We give you practical advice in eight easy steps.

Principle #5—Enable a Central View of Operations and Performance
Ideally, an operations manager will manage the condition of all Web services and their platforms from one management-application console, using a single tool. This should be the case regardless of the mix of hardware and software platforms in use. It is natural for corporate Web services to be deployed on more than one platform. Web services already run on Windows, Linux, and other UNIX flavors and currently incorporate two popular platforms, Java/J2EE and Microsoft .NET, for development and deployment. Creating a centralized operation reduces costs by bringing all problem events together into a single console. This means that operators can leverage the training they have received on the standard management tools for their enterprise.

Notice that in some cases there will be a point of aggregation for Web services. This may be viewed as a portal or a registry of Web service descriptions. The Web services may be remote from that point of aggregation, where the central point may not "own" the managed Web services. It should be possible to manage these remote Web services from the central point. This is made easier by management through SOAP messages, provided they can be secured on their way to the remote Web service (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: Management platforms should manage remote Web services from a central point.

This principle implies that the Web service can be managed remotely and by software that is not a part of the Web service hosting environment. This parallels the application service provider model. Passing SOAP messages through firewalls in order to achieve this type of management is very feasible. SOAP is an attractive mechanism to achieve this decoupling of management platform and Web service platform.

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