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Learn the Eight Principles of Web Services Management : Page 9

So now that you know how important foresight and planned management are to the success of your organization's Web services transition, the next step is knowing what you need to squeeze out of your management platform. We give you practical advice in eight easy steps.

Principle #8—Minimize the Role of Web Services in Managing Themselves
The Web services platform is the reception and transmission point for all SOAP messages. Thus, it can be used to determine whether the service is responding to messages and how long these responses take.

The Web services platform can, for example, interact with the management tools to determine the time taken to process any incoming or outgoing SOAP message. In fact, the Web services platform plays an important role in delivering most of the management information about the Web services it supports to the management tools. It can relieve the Web services themselves of most of this duty. The exception to this is the case where unexpected events occur in the Web service; it must have some way of notifying the platform directly about such conditions.

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