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Orion Application Server: A Hunter in Pursuit  : Page 3

The Orion Application Server is a hunter in pursuit of market share in the app server space. Steve Franklin discusses the attributes that make this fledgling product an app server to watch.




Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Third-Party Integration
If you are not happy with Orion's integrated Web server, you can integrate it with another server such as Apache. Apache configuration is addressed in Orion's FAQ pages and in an orionsupport.com article. If you're into debugging and IDE integration, you may have a bit of work ahead of you. Because of the small Orion userbase, there are fewer samples of IDE and debugging integration. I did find the following articles fairly helpful:

The latest versions of Orion come integrated with a small Java-coded relational database called Hypersonic SQL. Haven't heard of it? Most haven't. You may want to switch to a more standard database and define your own data source. Orion does not come with optimized JDBC drivers like WebLogic's tuned Oracle JDBC drivers, which could be a disadvantage. If you really care about performance, you should go with Oracle's JDBC/OCI bridged driver (but always test an assortment of connection pool configurations and JDBC drivers to find the right combination).

Orion 1.5.2 comes with Xalan (XSLT processor) and Xerces (SAX/DOM XML parser) allowing it to provide strong XML/XSLT performance out of the box. Does this mean that it competes with other mainstream J2EE servers? The default Xerces/Xalan JAR files that come with Orion may be missing some features you require because they are not the most recent versions. A quick "jar -tvf Xerces.jar | more" will allow you to look for the *.info file that indicates the Xerces version. You may wish to experiment with the newer Xerces and Xalan versions, but be prepared to revert to the original copies if you start running into troubles.

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