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Add Virtualization to Your Development Toolbox : Page 3

Why add virtualization to your next project? How about a protected sandbox environment, easily recoverable systems, and preconfigured demonstration and training machines for a start?




Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Drawbacks and Limitations
You must consider some tradeoffs when using virtualization. Depending on the usage type, a virtual machine's performance may not be as good as that of the host machine. Managing the virtual disks can be difficult if they are too large and difficult to move or copy. Depending on the guest operating system and length of its use, you may need to purchase multiple licenses to keep everything legal. Even with these limitations, virtual machines have a lot going for them.

Add Virtualization to Your Toolbox
I hope you see the value of using virtualization as a development tool. Easily recoverable systems and a protected sandbox environment drastically reduce downtime during development and testing. Preconfigured demonstration and training machines mean increased productivity and a reduced error rate when you take them into the field. Virtualization products are now affordable and readily available for almost all host and guest platforms. Simplify your life, make some room in your development toolbox, and add virtualization to your next project.

Michael Pilone is a senior software engineer for Vangent, Inc., where he currently works on Java-based SOA and web service technologies. Michael is currently obtaining a master's degree in Information Technology Project Management.
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