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Peer Code Reviews Made Easy with Eclipse Plug-In : Page 5

Code reviews are a cost-efficient way to detect defects early and improve both the quality of your code and the skills of your team. Jupiter is an innovative Eclipse plug-in designed to make collaborative code reviews much easier.


Phase 4: Rework Phase

The rework phase is the phase where the developer goes through the raised issues and fixes the code accordingly. During the rework phase, Jupiter displays the list of issues that have been assigned to you, so that you can go through them and correct them one by one.

To start the rework phase, select Rework Phase in the Jupiter menu (see Figure 14). As for the other phases, you have to select the project and review you want to work on, and specify your user ID. The Review Table will contain a list of issues, which have been assigned to you.

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Figure 14. Initiating the Rework Phase

The details of the currently selected issue are displayed in the Review Editor (see Figure 15). When you fix a defect, you update the issue status field to Resolved. You may also want to add some details of your fix in the Revisionfield. When you've finished, you can move on to the next issue. Resolved issues will automatically disappear from the Review Table.

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Figure 15. Reworking Issues

Once the rework is finished, the reviewers should verify the corrections. If they are satisfied, they can approve the correction and close it (Closed status). If not, they can re-open it for further work (Reopened status). Jupiter makes it easy to see the state of all review issues by letting you turn off the filter on the Review Table (see Figure 16).

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Figure 16. Deactivating the Filter in the Review Table

Automate the Peer Code Review Process

Jupiter is an innovative and flexible tool that helps automate peer code reviews and track issues. Tools like Jupiter are never sufficient in themselves to improve code quality: you also need a defined development process and—more importantly—team and management buy-in. Nevertheless, Jupiter is a valuable process stream-liner. If you practice code reviews, or if you would like to, you should definitely try it out.

John Ferguson Smart is principal consultant at Wakaleo Consulting, a company that provides consulting, training, and mentoring services in Enterprise Java and Agile Development. Well known in the Java community for his many published articles and talks, he is also the author of the book Java Power Tools.
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