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Expanding Agile IT Departments into Agile Organizations : Page 3

These tips will help you advocate Agile principles beyond your IT department to help forge a full-fledged Agile organization.


Pushing the Agile Principles Back Up the Food Chain

Now that your team has implemented these ideas, you can push them back up the food chain. For your team, make it a requirement that each customer-related feature has to get actual feedback and measurement quickly before actually implementing it. If the whole team has bought into it, this can be implemented easily.

Make your measurements and feedback highly visible and transparent to anyone who wants to see them. For a team that has a collaborative space (for example, a team with a Kanban board), put those experiments on the board. Split up the tasks for the experiment as you would a story, and show this on another board. Show winners and losers on the board, along with numbers. Again, make this highly visible and the process transparent.

Next, show the transparent process and results to the part of your organization that is deciding what teams work on next in your portfolio. This should spark conversations on using these techniques to decide which project or feature they can work on next. In fact, the portfolio could start moving toward what is the next feature rather than making expensive guesses on what is the next project.

The Agile Organization

These techniques can help your Agile IT department start talking the talk of business, and helping the entire organization to be agile! An organization that can respond quickly to market changes and customer wants is poised to do extremely well in the marketplace. Plus, Agile organizations are quite frankly more fun to work for!

Eric Landes is a Project Manager/Project Lead for a large corporate IT department, specializing in coaching Agile teams. He has more than four years of experience using Agile/Lean techniques to bring customer value and a team focus to projects.
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