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Creating a "Complete" Backup Solution

This 10-Minute Solution describes many of the extra details that will help you create a better data recovery plan.




Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

ne of the inherent difficulties in backup and contingency planning is that it usually takes only one thing to go wrong to bring down your entire system. To be truly successful, your backup plan must account for all possibilities. Unfortunately it's easy to forget to account for one particular scenario and foil your plan.

In this 10-Minute Solution, I point out some not-so-apparent scenarios and issues that are that I have found to be critical to a successful plan.

How do you create a truly effective backup solution? You have to plan for anything that could go wrong in your system.

Consider how these important issues affect your backup plan:

  • Realize that the restore is almost more important than the backup
  • Create a hot backup
  • Move your backup offline
  • Perfect the connection between your production and backup servers
  • Consider a warm backup
  • Always reassess the situation

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