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Get Started with JBoss Application Server

The JBoss Application Server is a full-featured, J2EE app server with robust EJB support. In this 10-Minute Solution, Java Pro Kyle Gabhart offers a step-by-step guide through the installation and configuration of the JBoss app server and shows you how to deploy a simple session bean.




Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

he JBoss Application Server is an open-source EJB solution that deserves your attention. Why? Because not only does the JBoss server have some impressive features that Weblogic, WebSphere, and the other big players don't, it also boasts more than 50,000 downloads per month and more than 1,000 developers worldwide.

JBoss is a complete J2EE application server providing enterprise-class security, transaction support, resource management, load balancing, and clustering. Heard enough to consider JBoss a viable EJB solution for your environment? Then use this month's 10-Minute Solution as a step-by-step guide through the installation and configuration of the JBoss Application Server. You'll also learn how to deploy a simple session bean.

Note: You'll need at least an intermediate understanding of Java, J2EE, and EJB to follow the instructions.

How can I get up and running with the JBoss Application Server?

Download, install, and configure the application server and then follow the simple "hot deployment" procedure.

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