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Comparing Computer Information with WMI, Part II

You recently installed a toolkit that works perfectly on two of your servers, but throws errors on the third—even though all three machines look pretty similar. Before you start checking DLL versions of hundreds of files and multiple hundreds of registry entries, maybe you'd like an intermediate-level comparison of the machines to help give you clues about the problem? This month's solution shows you how to do this by querying WMI and filling in the listview controls with selected data from various computers.




Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

n part one of Comparing Computer Information, I covered some of WMI's low-hanging fruit (meaning, information that is relatively easy to retrieve). However, there are other, rather interesting pieces of information that you may need to access, some of which might be just what you need to identify the problem with your misbehaving computer. Methods to access these pieces of information were not covered in the original code.

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