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Build a Web-safe Color Palette Application

Have you ever seen a Web page that uses colors that should never have been juxtaposed? It turns out that people simply have a hard time imagining how colors look together unless they can see the combined results. Now you can use this color-picker embedded in an interactive page to help people choose sensible color combinations.

ometimes, deciding on a color scheme for a site is more of a problem than is implementing it. I've sat on committees intended to design Web sites by consensus and I can tell you from experience: Getting more than two people to settle on a color scheme is no easy task! A little programming helps though. You can simplify color scheme selection by letting people see how their color preferences interact on-screen.

Although displaying a Web-safe color palette is relatively easy, simply displaying the colors doesn't give users an easy way to see how selected colors interact with each other. How can you get people to choose and agree on sensible colors for a site?

Make the Web-safe color display interactive, using JavaScript to apply selected colors to some sample content and let users see immediately how their chosen colors look together. Figure 1 shows how the completed application looks.

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