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Stream Both Character and Binary Data via a Servlet : Page 2

Writing a servlet that can perform character streaming is easy, but streaming binary content is trickier. This simple six-step tutorial guides you through a streaming solution that enables you to stream both character and binary data.




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Step One
Set the appropriate MIME type based on the format with which you're working. The getMimeType() method supports various MIME types:

/* * This Method Returns the right MIME type for a particular format * <p> * @param String format ex: xml or HTML etc. * @return String MIMEtype */ private String getMimeType(String format) { if(format.equalsIgnoreCase("pdf")) //check the out type return "application/pdf"; else if(format.equalsIgnoreCase("audio_basic")) return "audio/basic"; else if(format.equalsIgnoreCase("audio_wav")) return "audio/wav"; else if(format.equalsIgnoreCase("image_gif")) return "image/gif"; else if(format.equalsIgnoreCase("image_jpeg")) return "image/jpeg"; else if(format.equalsIgnoreCase("image_bmp")) return "image/bmp"; else if(format.equalsIgnoreCase("image_x-png")) return "image/x-png"; else if(format.equalsIgnoreCase("msdownload")) return "application/x-msdownload"; else if(format.equalsIgnoreCase("video_avi")) return "video/avi"; else if(format.equalsIgnoreCase("video_mpeg")) return "video/mpeg"; else if(format.equalsIgnoreCase("html")) return "text/html"; else if(format.equalsIgnoreCase("xml")) return "text/xml"; else return null; }

Step Two
Get the reference to the right OutPutStream. Use ServletOutPutStream, where as for character data you'd use PrintWriter, the java.io class that prints objects to a text-output stream. This following snippet is for binary data:

ServletOutputStream sOutStream = response.getOutputStream();

Step Three
Create BufferedInputStream from the InputStream:

BufferedInputStream bis = null; InputStream in = urlc.getInputStream(); bis = new BufferedInputStream(in);

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