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JAAS Security in Action : Page 3

This 10-Minute Solution provides a brief introduction to the Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) architecture, API, and programming model. It covers both authentication and authorization with JAAS, providing full working code examples that demonstrate JAAS security in action.




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Authorization with JAAS
JAAS authorization is built on top of JAAS authentication. It augments the existing code-centric access controls that were introduced with the Java 2 platform (JDK 1.2.x) with new user-centric access controls. In this way, JAAS authorization allows you to grant permissions based not on just what code is running but also on who is running it.

After a user has been authenticated by JAAS, the authorization API associates the Subject (created to represent the authenticated entity) with an appropriate access control context. Whenever the Subject attempts a restricted operation (database access, local file access, etc.), the Java runtime consults the policy file to determine which Principal(s) may perform the operation. If the Subject in question contains the designated Principal, the Java runtime allows the operation. Otherwise, it throws an exception.

You don't need to import additional packages to access the JAAS authorization features, because JAAS authorization is built on top of JAAS authentication. In addition to the classes and interfaces used in the authentication piece, one additional interface is of interest for the simple example in this Solution:

  • PrivilegedAction – This interface defines only one member, a method named run(). It accepts no parameters and returns type Object. A class wanting to restrict access to one or more actions implements this interface and puts the calls to the restricted functions within its run() method.

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