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Judging Java: DevX Staff Reports from the Floor of JavaOne

Visit this page throughout the week of June 4, 2001, to get daily coverage of the sixth JavaOne Conference from San Francisco. Get all the day's highlights in one convenient spot!

(Friday, June 8) Down to the Business of Java Development
As JavaOne hype recedes Friday, the focus is on better Java development techniques and technical sessions.
By Lori Piquet, Editor-in-chief

(Thursday, June 7) Moronic 'Keynote' Turns Slightly Nasty
Bad planning by Sun was eclipsed only by the bad manners of Ellison in the blessedly final keynote address of JavaOne.
By Lori Piquet, Editor-in-chief

(Wednesday, June 6) Sun Spotlights Peer-to-Peer, Wireless Solutions
JXTA and J2ME appear to lead the path toward true "write once, run anywhere" application development.
By Stefan Grünwedel, Senior Editor

(Tuesday, June 5) Sun Beats the Drums for Java
Without much news of its own to announce, Sun Microsystems enlivens a ho-hum JavaOne with taiko drummers and scores of product demos.
By Chris Preimesberger, Senior Editor

(Monday, June 4) Sun Lets Third Parties Shine at JavaOne
A dearth of news from Sun Microsystems puts the limelight on third-party partners at the outset of JavaOne.
By Lori Piquet, Editor-in-chief

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