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The Windows Administrator's 10-Minute Guide to Installing Red Hat Linux

Linux has become increasingly attractive, not only as a low-cost platform for hosting Web servers, but also as a target for desktop development efforts. If you would like to run Linux, but you're only familiar with Windows, you can follow this step-by-step guide to get Red Hat Linux installed and configured on a machine running Windows.




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n this article, you'll see detailed instructions for setting up the Linux operating system on a Windows computer, using the free Red Hat Linux distribution. We'll walk you through the preparation phase (downloading software, partitioning, etc.), the NIC setup, installing and setting up the Linux firewall, and setting up user accounts. We'll guide you in how to set up a proper security level for the system and then, using common Linux commands, you'll set up IP addresses and the Windows File server (Samba). Finally, we'll round it all off by showing you how to start the FTP software. At the end of this process you'll have a working Linux server and you'll be ready to install your Apache/JBoss software to finish the job. Prerequisites:
  • One (1) Windows computer with RW CD-ROM support
  • A hard drive (minimum size, 8GB) on the server that contains no important files
  • Access to the Internet from the server
  • CD-ROM on the server
  • Administrator rights on the machine
Prepare the Installation
The first step is to download the initial installation files required to set up a RedHat server. You do this by downloading the RedHat ISO from the ftp.redhat.com FTP site. The ISO files are named "psyche-i386-discX.iso" where X is a number from one to five. You only need CD-ROMs 1 and 2 to follow this installation guide, but it's a good idea to download all the files and create a CD for each file. Download each of these files to your Windows computer and copy them to the CDROMs. Don't forget to label the CDs!

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