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Jabber: Instant Messaging at Its Best : Page 3

Why developers should care that Jabber offers a powerful open-source alternative to proprietary instant messaging systems.




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Integrates Easily
Jabber is designed to easily integrate with other instant messaging systems. Currently, there is support for the ICQ and AIM protocols from America Online, Yahoo! Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, and others. While it's always great for users to move from these other systems to Jabber, we can't all convince our grandparents to switch once they're actually hooked up to one of these systems. Also, many companies standardize on one of the existing systems, and the migration to an in-house Jabber-based system takes time. But the ease with which users can communicate with multiple instant messaging systems via a Jabber client can help this process along greatly. The benefits of Jabber can be realized, while users continue to communicate with those outside the company as they always have.

This interoperability with other Instant messaging systems is one of the biggest strengths of Jabber. By handling translations on a server with which all other Jabber clients and servers can communicate, there is no need to alter the end-user's Jabber client configuration or distribute a new version of the Jabber server whenever a new service is added. Instead, the new service can be added, and users can add users of that service to their roster.

In the background, some nifty procedures take place. A "transport" server works to translate messaging information coming from a Jabber server to a foreign instant messaging protocol, such as ICQ. To other users on the ICQ network, the Jabber user appears to be just another ICQ user. That person will have an ICQ account number, and their client will be set up to log in to ICQ in addition to Jabber when they are online.

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