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Build a Dynamic Web Serving Platform with FreeBSD : Page 5

FreeBSD and its ports collection let you build a secure solution for hosting dynamic Web pages—without any out-of-pocket expense. Follow this step-by-step guide to installing and testing an open source solution based on Apache-modSSL, MySQL, and PHP. You'll serve dynamic Web pages quickly, reliably, securely, and efficiently from your own cost-free platform.




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Secure the Pages You Serve
Your last step is to configure Apache-modSSL to serve truly secure pages to the outside world. Note: the traditional secure port is 443. The FAQ pages at the following Web sites provide more information:
  • www.freebsd.org
  • www.apache.org
  • www.openssl.org
  • www.modssl.org
  • www.perl.org
  • www.mysql.org
  • www.php.net
  • Security is a process and not an end. Many of your configuration questions can be answered in the mod_ssl documentation included with the installation of Apache-modSSL. Further reading and support is available from a number of locations, including:

  • www.devshed.com/Server_Side/PHP/DB_Basics
  • www.programmingpub.com/php_forum_php_forums
  • developer.netscape.com/tech/security/ssl/howitworks
  • Contribute to Open Source
    FreeBSD and the other open-source projects used in this article rely on user contributions to evolve. If you find these products useful, financial and volunteer contributions are always welcome. FreeBSD is distributed under the BSD license, leaving you free to alter and distribute the source code so long as the BSD license remains intact. Click here for copyright information about FreeBSD and the GNU public license.

    Gregory L. Magnusson is the founder of Cyborg Spiders Web Development. Since experiencing X-Windows with FreeBSD in 1999, he hasn't looked back. In the current horse race of developing Web technologies, Greg is putting his money on PHP. .
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