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JBoss Meets Eclipse: Introducing the JBoss-IDE : Page 2

The wildly popular J2EE application server goes from full steam to mainstream with a GUI-based IDE that plugs into the Eclipse development framework.




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Adding the Shortcuts to the Top Menu
The JBoss-IDE plugin provides a set of buttons to start, stop, and terminate a server, as well as view the server console and log files. These buttons only operate on a single server that you define as a Default Server. Configuring the Default Server will come later; for now, here's how to make the buttons visible on the toolbar:

Eclipse 2.x

  1. Right click on the top toolbar.
  2. Select Customize Perspective.
  3. Expand Other.
  4. Check Default Server.
  5. Click OK.

Eclipse 3.x

  1. Right click on the top toolbar.
  2. Select Customize Perspective.
  3. Select Commands.
  4. Check Default Server in the Available Command Groups pane.
  5. Click OK.
Figure 1: Use the Debug Configuration to launch the JBoss server.

Configuring and Launching a Server
Download the JBoss server here.

In order to start your JBoss server, you must create a Debug Configuration. Running JBoss in a Debug Configuration allows you to set and use breakpoints in your server code. Go to Run—>Debugand you should see several new "JBoss" Configurations in the left pane. Click on the one that matches the version of JBoss that you are running. The Debug option on the right allows you to define which perspective Eclipse will switch to when you launch your JBoss server. I prefer not having Eclipse change perspectives when my server starts, so I change it from Debug to None.

Figure 2: Define a Default Server to use the buttons at the top of the tool bar.

After defining the perspective, click New to create a new instance of your JBoss configuration. Give your configuration a name and point it to the home directory for your JBoss server (see Figure 1).

Click on Close and then go to Window—>Preferences—>JBoss IDE—>Launcher. You'll need to designate a Default Server so that you can use the buttons that we added to the top tool bar earlier (see Figure 2).

After you click OK, you should be able to use the buttons that were added to the top tool bar earlier.

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