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First Impressions of Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop Edition : Page 3

A veteran Linux Desktop user breaks down his first experience with Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop Edition, exploring its new features, and explains why he came away impressed.

Compiz Fusion Desktop Cube: The 3D Desktop
To me, the Compiz Fusion Desktop Cube and its 3D functionality are the most exciting developments in Linux Desktop usability. To configure the Compiz Fusion Desktop Cube using a NVIDIA Card, first enable the restricted driver: System -> Administration -> Restricted Drivers Manager -> Enable. Unfortunately, you have to reboot afterwards.

Next, install Compiz Fusion settings manager:

terminal@yourmachine:~$ sudo apt-get install
terminal@yourmachine:~$ sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager
terminal@yourmachine:~$ sudo apt-get install emerald
terminal@yourmachine:~$ gtk-window-decorator –replace

Enable advanced visual effects: System -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Visual Effects -> Custom.

Configure advanced visual effects: System -> Preferences -> Advanced Desktop Effects Settings.

The Advanced Desktop Effects Settings I use to enable the Desktop Cube are as follows (Choose only the options listed but experiment wildly):

  • Desktop: Desktop Cube, Rotate Cube, Viewport Switcher
  • Effects: Animations, Cube Gears, Cube Reflection, Window Decoration
  • Extras: Benchmark, Screenshot, Splash, Window Previews
  • Image Loading: ALL
  • Utility: Cube Caps, Regex Matching, Resize Info, Scale Window Tile Filter, Video Playback, Workarounds
  • Window Management: ALL except Ring Switcher, Group, and Tab Windows
  • Uncategorized: Resize Windows

Ensure that you have chosen four columns and one row under workspace preferences. Now when you press CTRL-ALT left and right arrow you will switch workspaces in a three-dimensional way (see Figure 3). Also, try CTRL-ALT, left mouse click, and hold.

Click to enlarge

Figure 3. Use Desktop Effects Settings to enable the Compiz Fusion Desktop Cube.

How did I ever live without the Desktop Cube?

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