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Integrating Bash with PHP : Page 3

Bash scripts can simplify many OS-oriented tasks for PHP developers. Even better, you can run Bash scripts directly from PHP, passing arguments, arrays, and receiving output that you can analyze or display.




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Passing Arrays between PHP and Bash

Bash provides one-dimensional array variables that you declare using the form:

Array_name=(value1 ... valuen).

You can then reference any element of an array using the syntax ${name[subscript]}. There is no maximum limit on the size of an array. For example, you can pass a set of arguments to a Bash script that groups them into arrays. The following PHP script (array.php) sends a list of integers:

<?php $result=shell_exec( "C:\bash-2.03\bash.exe array.txt 10 2 13 88 76 34"); echo($result); ?>

The arrayNumber.txt Bash script in Listing 1 extracts the arguments and creates two Bash arrays (the Bash script also provides a few basic array operations):

The code in Listing 1 stores output into an arrayNumberResult.txt file. When you run the example, the output is:

First numeric array is: 10 2 13 Second numeric array is: 88 76 34 Length of first array is: 3 Length of second array is: 3 0 ----> sum[0] = myArray1[0] + myArray2[0] *** 98 product[0] = myArray1[0] * myArray2[0] *** 880 average[0] = (myArray1[0] + myArray2[0])/2 *** 49 ------------ 1 ----> sum[1] = myArray1[1] + myArray2[1] *** 78 product[1] = myArray1[1] * myArray2[1] *** 152 average[1] = (myArray1[1] + myArray2[1])/2 *** 39 ------------ 2 ----> sum[2] = myArray1[2] + myArray2[2] *** 47 product[2] = myArray1[2] * myArray2[2] *** 442 average[2] = (myArray1[2] + myArray2[2])/2 *** 23 ------------ The sum of all elements of the first array is *** 25 ------------ The first array after deleting the second element is *** 10 13 ------------

Listing 2 contains a similar example that uses string arrays and demonstrates operations over strings (add, paste, display length, and so on). The PHP script (array.php) that runs the Bash script is:

<?php $result=shell_exec( "C:\bash-2.03\bash.exe array.txt red black white blue pink"); echo($result); ?>

When you run array.php script, the result stored in the arrayResult.txt file is:

Length of first array is 2 Length of second array is 3 ------------ red <--> white red <--> blue red <--> pink black <--> white black <--> blue black <--> pink ------------ red black aqua magenta ------------ redwhite blackblue aquapink magenta ------------

Passing True PHP Arrays

If you want to pass a PHP array to Bash instead of a list of arguments, convert the PHP array into a string and pass it as shown below (you can use any element separator you like):

<?php $nr = array("one", "two", "three", "four", "five"); $separated = implode(":", $nr); echo 'The PHP array converted in a string: <br />'; echo $separated."<br /> <br />"; $result=shell_exec("C:\bash\bash-2.03\bash.exe arrayToBash.txt '".$separated."'"); &#133;

Next, the Bash script will build an array from this string as follows:

#!/bin/bash string=$1 until [ "$token" = "$string" ] do token=${string%%:*} a[$i]=$token"BASH" string=${string#*:} ((i=i+1)) done #echo "a[0]="${a[0]} #echo "a[1]="${a[1]} #echo "a[2]="${a[2]} #echo "a[3]="${a[3]} #echo "a[4]="${a[4]} echo ${a[@]}

PHP may reconstruct the array from the Bash string using code like this:

//convert from Bash string to PHP array $pieces = explode(" ", $result); echo "<br /><br /> Convert from Bash string to PHP array: <br />"; echo "pieces[0]=".$pieces[0]." <br />"; echo "pieces[1]=".$pieces[1]." <br />"; echo "pieces[2]=".$pieces[2]." <br />"; echo "pieces[3]=".$pieces[3]." <br />"; echo "pieces[4]=".$pieces[4]." <br />"; ?>

The output is (notice that Bash script added the "BASH" text termination for every array element—this is just a flag to show that the Bash script worked):

The PHP array converted in a string: one:two:three:four:five The Bash array elements: oneBASH twoBASH threeBASH fourBASH fiveBASH Convert from Bash string to PHP array: pieces[0]=oneBASH pieces[1]=twoBASH pieces[2]=threeBASH pieces[3]=fourBASH pieces[4]=fiveBASH Passing PHP objects to Bash

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