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Optimizing the Graphics File : Page 10

Finding the right graphic is just the first step in putting graphics into your Web site. Once you've created or found the graphic, you need to prepare it for online use, structuring it to display quickly at the maximum quality. Optimizing the File shows you how to make the balance between file size and quality level.




Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Reader Experience

Readers won't have the same viewing experience you do

It is a good idea to see your graphics under different. viewing situtations, to get a sense of the variations your readers are likely to encounter.

First, try viewing your pages under a 256 color monitor. Although increasing numbers of readers have true-color monitors, this is one place where you will still find some variation.

To simulate a basic color monitor, change your monitor's color setting to 256 colors. On a Macintosh, use the "Monitors and Sounds" control panel:

mac color setting

On a PC use the Setting/Control Panel/Display option, then select the Settings tab/256 color option:

windows monitor settings

If you look at your images in 256 color mode, you'll get a better sense of what your readers are seeing.

Next, try viewing your page under both Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer. There is a fairly even mix of these browsers in use, and each has some subtle variations.

Finally, if you have access to both a Macintosh and a PC, try viewing your page on the different platforms. You will see system-to-system differences in rendering.

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