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Optimizing the Graphics File : Page 3

Finding the right graphic is just the first step in putting graphics into your Web site. Once you've created or found the graphic, you need to prepare it for online use, structuring it to display quickly at the maximum quality. Optimizing the File shows you how to make the balance between file size and quality level.




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Crop Well

Good use of cropping enhances the image and reduces file size.

Cutting off unwanted parts of a picture—or cropping—can greatly enhance the image's effectiveness. In addition, cropping an image reduces its file size and improves the focus of your graphic content. All image editing programs have cropping tools. Look carefully at your graphics and crop them as much as possible.

The original uncropped image has extraneous, and distracting visual information. Cropping the image to show only the car focuses the viewer's attention on the vehicle, not it's surroundings. Cropping further can change the visual story, this graphic emphasises the number and driver of the car.

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