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HTML Basics: Basic Text Tags : Page 6

Learn the basic HTML tags to put in your pages and see just how easy HTML can be!




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Text Tags

<b>Some text</b>
<i>Some text</i>
<tt>Some text</tt>
<font face="name" size=+/-X color ="colorvalue">Some text</font>
<blockquote>Some text.</blockquote>

Basic HTML provides some rudimentary ways of changes the appearance of your text. As HTML matures, some of these tags are used less and less often. New methods, such as Cascading Style Sheets are beginning to replace them. But as you are first learning HTML theses tags provide you with a simple way to make small stylistic changes.

There are three sets of tags that let you make these changes:

  • Text Style Tags (<b>, <i>, <tt>)
    Let you make a portion of the text appear in bold, italic, or teletype (monospaced) styles.
  • Font (<font>)
    Lets you control the color, size, and type face of the text.
  • Blockquote (<blockquote>)
    Lets you indent your text on both margins.

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