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HTML Basics: Links : Page 2

Learn to link to other pages. Make a link that lets other people email you. Change the color of your links.




Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Linkable Locations

The most common things that people do with links are linking to another location on the Web or linking to their email address. But there are many types of places to which you can link:

  1. A spot within your current file.
  2. A file on your server.
  3. Any file on a WWW server.
  4. A file you want people to download onto their own computer.
  5. A file with an email form that sends email to a specified address.
  6. A file on a gopher server.
  7. A file on a WAIS server.
  8. A file on a Usenet newsgroup.
  9. A file that starts a Telnet connection to server.

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