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HTML Advanced: Frames : Page 2

Learn how to create framed pages that work well.




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Frames vs. Tables
You can use either frames or tables to create the effect of rows and columns on a page. Use tables when:

  • You want an actual table on the page.
  • Your page has many rows and columns.
  • The row and column layout is unique to that page.
  • You always want the entire page to refresh when someone accesses any part of it.
  • A large percentage of your audience uses browsers that don't support frames.

Use frames when:

  • One section of the page remains relatively constant. With frames, that section downloads and paints once, then stays displayed.
  • You want a cause-and-effect relationship between sections. With frames, you can click on one frame and have something appear in another frame.
  • The same layout is repeated throughout most of your site and the items in the tables and rows are in separate files.
  • There are a limited number of rows or columns on the page.

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