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Getting Started With Web Graphics: The Basics : Page 4

Here's an overview of the kinds of graphics used in Web design, the ways you can use them, and the fundamentals of getting them to work right.




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Bandwidth Guidelines

Try these simple rule-of-thumbs tests for gauging file size.

Connection speeds vary and Internet traffic comes and goes...so how can you know how long your page will take to download? Well, you can't, not exactly anyway. But here's a good, conservative rule of thumb: Count on your "average" user needing about one second to download each 1K of data.

Practically, this means that:

  • A 30K image will take about 30 seconds to download.
  • A web page containing a 30K image and six 10K icons, and a 10K html file, and a 20K background image will take two full minutes to load.
  • Add a few more 30K images, maybe a picture or two of your dog and some fancy graphical text, and suddenly you're looking at four very long mimutes.

You'd better have a loyal group of unusually patient readers, because normal, red-blooded, type-A surfers will stick around for maybe 10 or 15 seconds before blithely jumping away to some place else.

Set yourself a maximum size for each Web page again, this includes everything on the page and stick to it!

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