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Getting Graphics : Page 3

Before you can add graphics to your page, you need to have some graphics in hand!

Hire an Artist

Sometimes hiring an outside artist is the best option.

You want a great site, right? So you'll need to be sure the quality of images on your site reflect the goal of the site. Sometimes that means hiring an artist to create your graphics.

For example, if yours is a business site and you aren't an artist yourself, and you don't have the time or temperment to become one, hire an artist to create your images. You'll end up with original artwork, artwork to which you own either copyright or license, and artwork that matches the look and feel of both your company and your site.

There are many places to find good artists—network with people you know, email a company whose graphics you admire to see who did the work, check out online portfolios via one of the web directories.

When you work with the artist, make sure you agree on:

  • Deadlines—When is the final art due and when is your input needed?
  • Price—Are you paying by the hour or for a finished work?
  • What you are getting for that price—What will the artist physically deliver to you: A Freehand file? A GIF? Hardcopy?
  • What rights do you have to the art—Can you use it on any Web site? Can you use it in print? Can you use it in a video?

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