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Getting Graphics : Page 4

Before you can add graphics to your page, you need to have some graphics in hand!


A scanner turns printed images and real objects into a digital file.

A scanner digitizes a hardcopy image or whatever object you place in the scanner. Its beam of light captures the image by dividing the image into a very fine grid of cells (about 9,000 per square inch) and recording the value of each cell's color. These cell-color values are then stored in the digitized-image file.

Don't be afraid to experiement with scanned objects!

  • Photos, hand-drawn art, historic documents, your nephew's refrigerator masterpieces ... these are all things that exist on paper that you might want to digitize for your site.
  • Flowers, cloth, and other found objects are things you can scan to create new digital art for your site.

Once you have scanned the image, you'll have a digital graphics file. We'll teach you how to optimize the file (remember bandwidth!) to make it display more quickly on your page later in this section. You'll want to have an image editing program or Web graphics tool, like Fireworks, to do this.

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