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Getting Graphics : Page 6

Before you can add graphics to your page, you need to have some graphics in hand!

Digital Photos

Digital cameras are a quick and easy way to capture images for use in your site.

If you are a photographer (or aspire to be one), consider investing in a digital camera. Since the photos are already digital, you can often use the images straight from the camera with minimal or no editing, except for optimizing the files for Web display.

Digital cameras vary dramatically in quality and price; you can spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars for an entry-level model to a few thousand for a professional one.

The good news: If you intend to limit your digital photo output to the Web, you can get excellent results from a relatively modest digital camera, since Web images don't require the high resolution that printed images do.

You'll also want to own an image or Web graphics tool to make the process of optimizing easier.

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