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Using Graphics : Page 4

Just having a collection of Web-ready graphics is a good start. Now you have to learn how to use them effectively on your Web pages.




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Table Background Images

To place an image in the background of a table on a Web page, use the background attribute within a table tag.

To use an image as a table, table row, or table cell background, add the "background" attribute to the appropriate table tag, like this:

<table background="imageURL">

The background attribute's value is the URL of the image you want to use for the table background.

Here's a table with a background image:

Sue Z. Queue 716 555-1212 litlgrrl@pigtails.com
George Washington 212 555-9876 firstprez@cherrytree.gov
James Brown 321 555-7777 theman@brown.com

And here's the actual background image:

background image

Netscape Navigator's rendering of table background images differs from that of Micrsoft Internet Explorer. Click on the options below to see an example of each.

  • Netscaperenders a table background by fitting the image in each cell, tiling, if necessary. The lower part of the image is cut off because it doesn't fit in the individual cells.
  • Internet Explorer renders a table background by fitting/tiling the image in the entire table. The full image is tiled to fit the entire table area.

You should definitely keep this in mind when creating table backgrounds. And remember: Always view your pages in Netscape and Internet Explorer!

Check out the Project Cool Tables tutorial for more information on making tables.

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