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Web Design QuickStart

In here you'll find a 10-minute guide to the principles of good Web page design.




Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

ne of the keys to a good Web site is simplicity. You've heard of the "KISS" principle? Keep It Simple Silly. This applies doubly for Web sites.

It's easy to fall into the trap of using every possible feature on a Web page. It is nice to be able to create frames and tables and font sizes and animated GIFs, but if you have every possible HTML feature on every page, it's highly likely that your readers are going to be overwhelmed rather than impressed.

Remember, just because you can create an effect, doesn't mean you should. Ask yourself: what value am I adding with this technique? Is this the best way to communicate what I want to say?

Simple Doesn't Equal Boring
Simple doesn't necessarily mean dull and boring. Lots of people confuse fancy effects with effective communication.

What keeping it simple really means is this: think about how people will be using your pages and present your information to them in a way that matches their needs and expectations. Use technology and effects where appropriate and where they make for more effective communication.

Clean design + Good use of technology = A Good Web site

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