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Web Design QuickStart : Page 2

In here you'll find a 10-minute guide to the principles of good Web page design.




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Know Your Audience
You aren't creating your Web work in a vacuum or just for yourself! If you were, you'd keep it on your own computer. You're publishing a Web page because you expect someone to stop by and visit it. That someone is your audience.

The more you understand your audience, the more effective you can make your site. Are your readers on slow modems? Then you'd better be extra careful about page size. Are they expecting to hear your band's music clips? Then you'd better think about an audio format. Are they quilters? Then blood red and black might not be your best color choices. Are they hard core gamers? Then you might want to avoid pastels and soft-edged graphics.

Definition of a good Web site:

A site that delivers quality content
for its intended audience
and does so with elegance and style.

Five Fingers
Making your site easy to navigate is critical. Lots of small factors add up to create easy paths through your site. For example, one thing you can do is keep the number of "next step" choices small so that people don't become lost in a long list of options.

Did you know that the average human mind sees five or fewer items as one group, but when it encounters more than five items it has to divide them into smaller sub-groups to process them? It makes sense, then, to try to keep your selections arranged in groups of five or less. That makes it easier for your readers to quickly see the options and select one.

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