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Web Design QuickStart : Page 3

In here you'll find a 10-minute guide to the principles of good Web page design.




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Three Clicks
Another way to help your Web site be a good experience for your readers is to make information no more than three clicks away. One of the fastest ways to frustrate readers is to make them click ... and click ... and click... and click .. and click ... and ... to find the information they want.

Additionally, when you make readers burrow deep into your site to find content they often become lost and never make it back to your home page. When people get lost, they tend to surf off someplace else instead of fighting their way around a site.

30 Second Attention Spans
When someone comes into a Web page they should be able to easily see what options they have and select one quickly. As a rule of thumb, it should take less than 30 seconds for a reader to load your page and be able to decide what to do next. If it takes longer than that, you'll start to lose your audience.

  • Make sure your pages are a reasonable size and don't take forever to download. If many of your readers are on modems, try to keep the total page size (that means all graphics plus HTML file added together) under 30 to 45K.
  • Make sure your page layout is clear enough that with a quick glance your readers can grasp your navigation scheme and understand how to select a "next step" option.

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