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CSS: Color and Backgrounds : Page 2

Learn about color values and images for backgrounds.




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Background Color: {background-color: colorname/hexvalue/rgb(R%, G%, B%)}
The background-color property specifies a background color. The background of an element is the space around the element. For example, the background of a headline is a bar, the depth and length of the headline text. The background of the body is the entire page.

Example: This sets a style rule for the background color of a head level one:

	h1 {background-color: darkcyan}

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Background Image: {background-image: url(urlname)}
The background-image property specifies what image to display in the HTML element's background area. It calls the image by its relative or full URL.

Example: This sets a style rule that calls an image named "ocean.gif" as the background for the table element:

	table {background-image: url(../images/ocean.gif)}

Background Image Repeat: {background-repeat: repeat/repeat-x/repeat-y/no-repeat}
The background-repeat property specifies how and if a background image gets repeated. The image can repeat:

  • In both X and Y directions

  • In just the X direction

  • In just the Y direction

  • In no direction. You can prevent the background image from repeating at all.

Example: This sets a style rule that calls an image named "ocean.gif" as the background for the body element and repeats it in both the X and Y directions:

	body {background-image: url(../images/ocean.gif);
	      background-repeat: repeat}

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