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Optimizing Design: Bandwidth : Page 3

Incorporate an understanding of your audience's bandwidth reality into your overall design.




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Total Bandwidth

Every element on your page adds bandwidth—don't forget to take all components into account.

The most common mistake people make is they think of bandwidth only in terms of the individual graphic. In most cases, the graphic is part of other elements on a page.

When you think about bandwidth, look at the total page and all the elements that make up the page. Not only should each graphic file be as tight as possible, but the construction of the page and the elements within should also contribute to minimizing bandwidth.

As you design your pages, be aware of each and every element—including HTML—and what it contributes to the overall download time.

Don't be thrown by the number of graphics on your page or the file size of each graphic—you are always looking at total bandwidth. It may turn out that one large 20K image is actually more effective than 62 small 1K images.

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