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Optimizing Design: Text Vs. Graphics : Page 4

You now have options for creating text: CSS or a graphic file. Select the best match for your text elements.




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Checklist for Text Effects

Follow this simplecheck list as you think about text as a graphic element.
Make your text brief, eliminate any extra words.
Select a font, size, and color appropriate for your page, and don't create graphics that include all 100 fonts you own.
Save your file in GIF format, unless you have added continuous tone effects to the text.
Try saving your type treatment graphic both aliased and anti-aliased; evaluate each for legibility and file size and select the one which works best. Don't just assume anti-aliasing is always the best.
Crop the graphic image as small as possible and don't include background area unless it is visually necessary.
If you are using special edge effects, including anti-aliasing, make the indexed transparency color match the background color of your Web page. If you match another color, the text will have an odd ripple around the edge when place in your page.
Save your file in the native format of the graphics program, as well as in GIF format. That way you'll be able to return to it later if you need to edit the text or create additional text that matches in style.

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