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XML QuickStart : Page 4

Learn what XML is all about, and what you can do with it.




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Now you have a basic understanding of what XML is all about. If you're reading this, you've probably decided that XML is something you'd like to explore further. Where might you go to learn more about XML?

For starters, we recommend the rest of the Developer Zone. This section walks you through many more details of incorporating XML into your site. In the Reference Section is a full set of additional links and resources

Another thing you can do is look at some examples of how people are using XML. Here are two good examples from InsideDHTML.com (note: These examples required IE 4X or 5X and later browsers):

Weather, from InsideDHTML is a straight forward example of XML for a custom weather report.

Poetry, also from InsideDHTML.com, allows you to write your own poem, directly on a Web page, and see it display with XML.

Tim Bray's annotated spec is a great way of going directly to the source, so to speak. (Tim was one of the authors of the XML specification.)

Another possiblity is to visit DevX Discussions, to participate in the various discussions, where you can compare notes with others who are working with XML and the Web.

Thanks for visiting the Tips! We hope you understand a bit more about XML now than when you first stopped by.

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