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XML Concepts : Page 6

XML is way of marking up data, adding metadata, and separating structure from formatting and style. Web pages are just one of many uses for XML.




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Pulling It All Together
You'll typically be working with four technologies that combine to create an interactive Web page: XML (or HTML), a scripting language, CSS, and the DOM. This illustration shows their relationship.

component interaction
  • XML identifies data. For example: "King Lear" is a title element.
  • CSS stores information about display values for elements and delivers the information to the browser. For example: Titles are displayed in 18 point black courier type.
  • The script "talks" to the objects and sends messages to and from the browser about the objects. Typically these are "change your display" or "do this" messages based on user actions or other variables. For example: If a particular title is out of stock, display it in red.
  • The DOM provides the common interface through which various scripts and objects talk to one another and display in the Web browser.
  • The browser displays the results to the end user.

If any of these pieces are missing, you can't create a dynamically-changing presentation of your document.

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