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XML Reference : Page 5

In this section, we provide additional resources for XML, including links to XML parsers and XML tool vendors. We also explain the XML-related technologies, from DTD to XQL, provide a list of links to specifications, drafts, and additional information about these related technologies.




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XML Resources
There are many resources about XML out there on the Web. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • Tim Bray's Annotated XML Spec
    You'll want to read the XML spec, but the best way to do so is with a helping hand beside you. That's exactly what Tim Bray has created in this very useful dual-frame presentation of the spec. And if anyone knows the inside scoop on the spec, it is Tim, who was one of the key people in its development.
  • W3C XML Recommendation
    This is the XML Recommendation in its full form.

Additional Resources
There are a range of trade groups and publications that focus on XML issues. Here are few that are most useful for XML in a Web design/development context.

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