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XML Reference : Page 6

In this section, we provide additional resources for XML, including links to XML parsers and XML tool vendors. We also explain the XML-related technologies, from DTD to XQL, provide a list of links to specifications, drafts, and additional information about these related technologies.




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XML Vendors
There are a number of companies working within the XML tools space. This section contains links to company information.

Project Cool does not endorse these products; the items included here are some of the offerings on the market today or companies who are developing for the marketspace.

If you have a machine capable of it, however, we do recommend you try downloading IE5 and Gecko and take a look at some of the XML demos, to get a sense of how the XML plus CSS feels in a real browser.

XML-capable browsers
The 5.X browsers support XML documents.

  • IE 6.X
    Now in public release and available for download.
  • Gecko
    The layout engine that is part of Netscape Navigator.

Document Authoring Tools
If there is a weakness to implementing large-scale XML projects it is the lack of good authoring tools. Handcoding is possible, of course, but structured editors make the task much easier and more error-free. These companies are working on XML document authoring products. They are listed in alphabetical order.

  • Adobe - Framemaker plus SGML is being adapted for use as an XML editor as well.
  • Arbortext - This SGML tools company is leaping into the XML game.
  • Macromedia - The popular Dreamweaver tool is supporting the creation of XML documents.
  • Corel XMetaL

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