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XML Applications

Behaviors are an enhancement to Internet Explorer 5 that allow designers to add scripting elements without having to do the scripting needed to make them work. Behaviors are also a way in which scripters can write a script once and turn it over to designers for use whenever needed.




Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

o what can behaviors do? By using XML we can link behaviors to any element in a Web page and manipulate that element. We can, for example, copy that element's text into a pullquote area on the page. We could offer a way to magnify small type on a page. Many of the everyday things we do with scripting can be transfered to behaviors and by combining them with XML we can have greatly enhanced Web pages that will work down the browser foodchain with no ill effects.

Each page in this article will not only demonstrates the behavior but also show you just how simple they are to implement.

We've divided our behaviors into two categories:

  • fx - Special Effects behaviors don't add value neccessarily, but do add eye-catching special effects that can make your page stand out if used appropriatly.
  • publishing - These behaviors can add value and utility to pages of text content. They make your pages much more usable for the viewer or add new ways to get them involved in the text.

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