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HTML QuickStart : Page 5

Welcome to the HTML QuickStart! This section walks you through the basic steps for creating a Web page. It also includes a sample page and some hands-on exercises you can try.




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Step Eight: Add Text
You have a headline. Now you need to add some text. Start a block of text with a paragraph. Make sure you remember to end the paragraph too:

(You can click on the examples below to see how they will look in a Web browser.)


<h1>The Winner</h1>
He is very, very happy. He just won $1 million in the lottery.

You can make text bold by adding bold tags, like this:

He is <b>very, very happy</b>. He just won $1 million in the lottery.

And you can make text italic by adding italic tags, like this:

He is <i>very, very happy</i>. He just won $1 million in the lottery.

Step Nine: Add a Link
are one of the strengths of the Web. They are a way of connecting together two locations. When your readers click on a link, they jump to another Web page.

The tag you use to identify a link is called the anchor tag, <a> Within the tag you also include the URL or the page to which you are linking.

Here's how you add a link:

(You can click on the examples below to see how they will look in a Web browser.)

Click <a href="http://www.bobby.com"> HERE </a> to jump to my cousin Bob's home page.

  • The word "HERE" is surrounded by the link tags. In a Web browser, it will appear underlined or highlighted, showing that it is a link.
  • The letter a in the tag stands for anchor, as in "anchor this link here."
  • The phrase href stands for "hypertext reference."
  • The equal sign ( = ) says that the following URL is the location the reader will jump to.
  • The URL inside the quotation marks is the place you want the link to take your readers. Be sure that the URL is surrounded by quotes.
  • The </a> tag ends the linked area.

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