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HTML QuickStart : Page 6

Welcome to the HTML QuickStart! This section walks you through the basic steps for creating a Web page. It also includes a sample page and some hands-on exercises you can try.




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Step Ten: Let People E-mail You
It's easy to let people send an e-mail to you. It's almost like making a link, except that you tell the browser to create an e-mail message instead of jumping to another Web page. Here's how you do it:

(You can click on the examples below to see how they will look in a Web browser.)

Click <a href="mailto:youremail@address.com"> HERE </a> to send me an email.

  • The word "HERE" is surrouned by the anchor tags. In a Web browser it will appea underlined or highlighted, showing people that it is a link. In this case the link is really a "send e-mail command."
  • The letter a in the tag stands for anchor, as in "anchor this link here."
  • The phrase href stands for "hypertext reference."
  • The equal sign ( = ) says that the following item is the reference.
  • The phrase mailto: tells the browser to open an e-mail screen.
  • Your e-mail address goes next: feedback@devx.com, for example.
  • The </a> tag ends the linked area.

Step Eleven: End and Save the File
That's the basics of a very simple Web page—you created a file, added a headline and text, added links and email. Now all you need to do is end and save your file.

Remember how we started with a body tag at the beginning of the body? Well, now we end to end the body tag at the end of the body, like this:


<h1>The Winner</h1>
He is very, very happy. He has just won $1 million dollars!</p>
<p>Read About It <a href="winner-story.html">Here</a></p>
<p><a href="mailto:contact@projectcool.com">Email me and tell me what you think about the winner.</a></p>

And remember how we started the entire file with an html tag? Now, end the entire file with a closing html tag, like this:


Finally, save the file in the normal way you save text files in your text editor. Remember, you are saving it as plain ascii text in a file with the extension .htm or .html.

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