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HTML QuickStart : Page 8

Welcome to the HTML QuickStart! This section walks you through the basic steps for creating a Web page. It also includes a sample page and some hands-on exercises you can try.




Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Step Fourteen: Keep Learning!
Creating Web pages is a continual learning process. Getting up a first version of your site is just the beginning!

  • Look at other sites. If you want to be a great novelist you read great novels. If you want to be a great screenwriter you watch great movies. By the same token, if you want to design a great Web site you need to look at other Web sites. Project Cool's Sightingsis a good place to see examples of great sites. As you look at sites, notice what does and doesn't seems to work. You can even sign up to get Sightings delivered to you every day.
  • View the source. When you see something you like, use your view sourcefunction in your browser to see how the effect was done. It's amazing what you can learn by looking behind the scenes.
  • Read and study. Learn all you can about both design and technology. Project Cool's other QuickStart topics are always a good place to start.

Step 15: Build a Sample Page
This is the HTML code for a sample page. This page creates a headline, some text, one link, and one email link. Click anywhere in the example to open a new window displaying the page. You can compare the code to the actual page.


<title> All About Goldfish </title>


<h1>I love Goldfish!</h1>

I breed and raise goldfish and it's a wonderful hobby. I have put together a <a href="picture-page.html">collection of pictures</a> of my prize-winning fish. And I'll you how I've done it.

Everyone should have at least one goldfish in their life!

<p>If you have any questions about goldfish, <a href="mailto:myemail@address.com">I'd love to hear from you.</a>


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