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XML in Action

You know who they are—they're the people and toomakers that the rest of us look to when we're trying to figure out a new technology. They are the innovators.




Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

n this section we've begun a dialogue with some people who are on the leading edge of XML within the Web environment. We're profiling these people, their projects, and their thoughts today and we'll be following them as time passes and the technology matures. They have important stories to tell. We know we've learned from them and we think you will too.

We're also building a set of profiles about the companies who are building XML tools. Good tools are essential in implementing XML; we're in the nascent stages right now, but we expect more and better versions will be flowing forth over the upcoming months. In this section these developers share some of their thoughts about XML in general and why they chose to develop for it.

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