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XML in Action : Page 8

You know who they are—they're the people and toomakers that the rest of us look to when we're trying to figure out a new technology. They are the innovators.




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We believe that XML will do for data what HTML did with Web pages.

Microsoft Corporation has heavily participated in the development of tools and resources for XML, participating in XML specification, XSL and X-Schema W3C standards work. In December 1998, we spoke with David Wascha, product manager for the Platform Marketing Group.

Q: Microsoft has really been backing XML. Why is that?

We believe that XML will do for data what HTML did with Web pages.

Q: Do you think XML will catch on with Web Developers and Designers?

Yes, and very soon. I believe people are going to want what you can get from XML--the way of exchanging information--and I think it will certainly catch on...it is important for people to actually see an XML document as well, sometimes, and IE 5.0 allows people to view an XML document. So in the very near future we'll be seeing a real growth in real world XML applications.

Q: Why did you release XML Notepad free to the public?

Why not? We never intended to sell Notepad. It's a tool we were using and decided to release it externally...it's a way to increase the public understanding of XML, to help programmers and developers use XML. It's a simple program. We wanted to make people aware of XML, and to have access to playing with XML documents...

Q: What other tools are you planning to develop for XML?

IE 5.0 beta 2 [ed note: IE 5.0 is now a shipping product] has significant new functionality for XML. You can view XML, there's a good deal of XSL support, you can perform queries, there's CSS and DOM support...it's good for developers to be able to see and play with XML and IE 5.0 lets this happen. Visual Studio is also planning for XML functionality.

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