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CSS: Spacing and Areas

Learn to use proper spacing and make good use of your Web pages.

SS is an integral part of the future of the Web. You'll need it in your toolkit sooner rather than later. It is particularly important with the advent of XML. Clear
{clear: none/left/right/both}
The clear property lets you specify whether to float the element or to have it clear to below other elements. The effect is similar to the effect of using the HTML tag <br clear=left/right/all>. Current browsers inconsistently support the clear property, so it is probably better to use the <br clear=all> tag.

The value none allows other elements to flow around an element. Left clears an element below elements to the left. Right clears an element below elements to the right.


	img {clear: left}

Here are two Project Cool logos. If you are using a CSS-1 compliant browser, the first Project Cool logo is aligned to the left and the second logo appears to the right of the first.

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