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Audio QuickStart: Why Use Sound? : Page 3

This QuickStart section overviews some of the common questions many people have when they first think about adding sound to their site and it shows that sound is about more than music clips from your band.




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It's It: Sound as the Content
For some sites, sound *is* the raison d'etre.

  • If your site is about your garage band, a big portion of the content is probably music clips of your latest recording efforts.
  • If you are a Web radio station, almost all your content is sound in one form or another.
When audio is the key content element of a site, you'll be thinking about it very carefully. You'll be displaying it in a way that makes it easy to use and hear.

Start Here: Sound as a Training Element
If your site is about showing someone how to do something, consider adding sound to it. There's nothing quite like a friendly voice explaining how to attach widget A to gidget B. The sound of a human speaking can add a new dimension to your training site.

Snap, Crackle, Pop: Adding Depth with Sound
Sometimes sound can add depth and richness to a site. Little bits of sound content can bring a whole new dimension to the topic.

  • Are you showing the world your new puppy? Add a gentle woof-woof recorded from Spot's mouth when readers mouse-over Spot in his doggy-bed.
  • Are you demonstrating the latest in tree trimming technology? Add the soft buzz of the latest model chainsaw.
The trick with using sound to add richness is to balance sound with silence. Use sound where it matches well and it brings a new level to your site. It's a little like animated gifs—one can be charming, but 28 sends the reader fleeing.

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